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ZSE Conference 2014
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Issuer fees

The following fees* are payable by the applicant in respect of admission of financial instruments to trading on the MTF:

  • admission to trading application processing fee,
  • admission to trading fee
  • admission to trading maintenance fee.

The fee for processing applications for admission to trading on the MTF is HRK 500.00,

payable upon application. If the application for admission to trading is approved, the amount of fee paid for processing the application for admission to trading is deductible
from the listing fee.
The fee payable for admission to trading on the MTF in respect of all financial instruments is HRK 6,000.00.

* Fees are exclusive of VAT

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
ADRS-R-A903,60 360,00
RIVP-R-A550,08 19,70
HT-R-A438,64 157,52
PODR-R-A376,77 314,00
ADRS-P-A282,58 330,00
ATPL-R-A220,62 359,04
KOTR-P-A175,51 1.300,10
CROS-R-A118,42 7.401,00
KSST-R-A97,80 345,00
HIMR-R-A85,84 514,00

Fall: 7 Neutral: 6 Rise: 12

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Short report for 21.10.2014
Total turonver22.564.189 Kn
Regular turnover10.271.789 Kn
Equity 9.686.496 Kn
Debt 2.882 Kn
Structured 582.410 Kn
Block turnover12.292.400 Kn
OTC turover0 Kn